Grass Snake Union in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh’s friendliest and deadliest acoustic/americana band is back in action this week. We’ll be hitting the stage at Equinox Bar (st. 278) around 9pm this Friday (Feb 17). We’ve been working on some new originals and unique covers that should get your feet tapping (at the very least).

Oh yeah, we will also be broadcasting the gig live to world via something known as THE INTERNET…stay tuned for more information!*

*the additional information will be on the seeing the gig live wherever you are, not additional information on the internet, for the that please visit your local library.

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2 thoughts on “Grass Snake Union in Phnom Penh

  1. Hello
    Loved your tuktuk session. Do you have a mailing list for PP gigs as I’ve just moved here so looking forward to seeing the band live.

    • Hi Linda,

      We don’t have a mailing list as such, but you can subscribe to updates on the website and you’ll get emailed about our new shows.

      If you go to the home page and look in the right column under “SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES” you can subscribe there.

      Welcome to Phnom Penh!

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